​We started back in 2011 and if you look there are a lot of names that are close to ours. The prices were almost the same in everything we have done or sold however, we knew both the knowledge side of emergency survival and also the products. EmergencySurvivalMadeEasy, has consulted over 500 families. EmergencySurvivalMadeEasy came to realize that the topic of emergency survival was a huge topic. With the topic being so large EmergencySurvivalMadeEasy couldn't continue to do business with everything under one umbrella. EmergencySurvivalMadeEasy  has taken the liberty to continue to provide the best products possible to our customers. We have access to the best products on the market, plus all of our bags are custom made to fit any indidual, family, or even a group.  Every family, region, and financial situations differ and we are very considerate when it comes to your financial situation and confidentiality.

We have items from an email containing things to have on hand up to on-site consulting through our affiliate Gridresistance and you can find them by clicking this link: .  If you prefer learning how to survive backwoods survival,  Gridresistance offers outtings for that as well. We literally have something for anyone. It doesn't matter what your financial situation is, what you have or don't have, or what your knowledge base is, we can make you and your family better. We have a common person's way to gather the things that are crucial in disaster situations. Our goal is to make you and your family very self sufficient in disaster preparedness.

We think a disaster should just be a bump in the road versus a complete halt in your life. Please don't make the possible fatal mistake of thinking the government or your neighbor will take care of you in a disaster. Our thinking processes says that this is just like your home or car insurance and you should look at it the same way. We can help your family. Give us a call and let's discuss what it will take to get you and your family ready. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call  802-723-0089  for any questions.


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