What can all go in Go-Bags?

  We create custom Go-Bags for any situation.The following items are merely a suggestion for content; your individual needs, circumstances, geographic location, and social setting, will dictate your content.  Check and replace your content as needed as some items may expire.  Be safe and situation aware!-Minimum Suggested Content-

  • SOL Emergency Bivvy (a lightweight emergency sleeping bag)
  • Pair of Gloves
  • A good First Aid Kit
  • Toilet Paper in a ziplock bag
  • Standard Military style Poncho (to wear and for making a shelter)
  • Lightweight Rain jacket
  • Wet wipes
  • Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket
  • 2-each light weight emergency foil blanket
  • Signal mirror
  • Extra ziplock gallon bags
  • One Large and one small “Shamwow” towels
  • One MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) with heater
  • 2 bottles of water (heavy duty plastic bottles)(replace every 6 months)
  • Several 3 x 5 cards and pencil
  • Cordage
  • Multi-tool
  • Combination Eating Tool
  • Mini Strobe Light
  • Small medicine bottle filled with cotton balls rolled in Vaseline (for starting fires)(also, roll some duct tape around the medicine bottle)
  • Basic Necklace Survival Kit: 15 feet of paracord (daisy-chained)
  • No Pea Whistle
  •  Fire Starter                
  •  Small Flashlight
  • Compass
  •  P38 can opener
  •  Swiss Army Knife

Note: If you conceal carry, add extra ammo and magazines.Note: For women, a pair of lace up running shoes

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